A Hops Family Farm...

This picture shows a farm family in Kent, WA around the late 1800's. The price of hops were so high in price and demand, yet so chaply produced, that many families "hopped" on board and started farming the crop themselves.

Picture courtesy of gkhs.org

A True Family Farm

The picture on the left shows a man spreading ladybugs on the alfalfa while his family members are in the background.

This farm has many pictures of daily life on the farm and gives a good "insider's" look at what it is like

Photo courtesy of janzenfamilyfarms.com

Farm In India

I actually stumbled across this picture after reading a very interesting article on the increasing population of the world and thought that it would fit nicely here.

If you would like to read the article, then you can do so by clicking here.

Image From An Interesting Blurb...

I found this while looking around the net and it was on a small page that talks about how much food is wasted (33%) without ever being consumed.

The picture really illustrates genuine knowledge that is being passed down to the future generations.

Promo For 2014

International Year of Family Farming has been inducted as the official theme for 2014.

Families in certain parts of the world lack the technology, climate and resources to provide ample supplies of food for all of their family members.